"Find and develop the greatest broadcasting Product."

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Since the foundation of K2E in 1983, K2E has been working hard to satisfy our customers with the experiences and skills that gained by working in the broadcasting industry for more than 30 years. We are always working with innovative and revolutionary ideas based on enthusiasm.

We provide the products like high-tech Modular, Digital Audio Monitoring device that the broadcasters in the world require for Editing Studio, OB VAN, and Broadcasting station to take care of Variety of Audio & Video signals.

In close cooperation with customers, customers can gain maximum performance with the great value of our products. Even for studio, we are able to make it fit. In addition, we build additional infrastructure in need of customers.

K2E is organized with engineering field that designs professional broadcasting devices. We are always working with enthusiasm to satisfy in need of customers now and the future.

Please contact us at +82-2-465-9202~5. It would be a great pleasure to do business with you.

Thank you very much!